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Pintar Rapido Exhibition Day

Saw Albert Bridge from the train before arriving at Victoria Station - nice and early and without yesterday's heavy painting baggage - so decided to try walking along the embankment to Chelsea Old Town Hall instead of taking the bus. It took a leisurely half an hour taking in some new viewpoints nearer to Chelsea Bridge and watching gaggles of cyclists 'Riding London' on the way. Had a lovely coffee ('by locals for locals') while I waited for the private view to open.

I joined the artists queueing for the main hall doors to open which they eventually did to reveal a cornucopia of creativity. So many different styles and viewpoints. So many techniques and ideas. No doubt in time the website will be updated to show some of the work. It's always a thrill to see how wide the artistic spectrum is and meet some of the creators. Some are humble and happy just to join in, others are more earnest and confident of their own abilities! It is one of the few places where such a wide range of abilities can stand side by side on equal terms and you've got to love it for that.

Whilst the artists had time to tour the exhibition, the judges were circulation and making notes. Roger Beckett - event organiser - turned on the mic and took to the stage to thank the volunteers and start the prize giving. I stood at the back to watch the proceedings, not expecting to be involved when the prize for amateur artist, of some courses of your choice was announced and my name was called. Dumb struck! I never expected that.

The winners displayed on stage

And to cap it all, the painting had sold before the prizes had been announced making the whole effort seem very worthwhile. And to think, with the weather forecast being as gloomy as it was, I was in two minds whether to go or not on Friday night.

I now feel more encouraged in my own efforts and inspired by the other artist who I have spoken to and seen their work.

Whilst the inner critic has been momentarily silenced there is the thought that 'why can't I paint like that every weekend?'....

...may be I should!

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