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Meet me at my first art fair!

I've booked to have a stall at the Dunorlan Park Art & Craft Fair in Tunbridge Wells on Sunday 10 September 2017, 11am - 4 pm.

I am looking forward to meeting the public and the other artists and getting feedback on what they think of the different work.

I will be taking a bit of everything, some of my new collage and mixed media paintings, acrylic plein-air paintings, Relief prints and mono prints for people to look through.

There's been a lot to do and, being a newby, I'm stuck between hoping I've done enough and wondering if I've done too much. It will certainly be an education!

Being a temporary outdoor venue, I will be taking a couple of garden gazebos, a stack of pictures and a load of clips and bits to improvise a stall when I get there. I'm sure most of the other artists will have more experience and will let me know how to do things properly!

I have also just added the Shop to the web site which, like the rest of the web site, is all work-in-progress that I intend to keep updated.

Hope to see you tomorrow. Must get packing...

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