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Just caught the Brighton Print Fair

Saw a mention of the Bright Print Fair on social media on Saturday and checked it out online only to find that it ended Sunday. Luckily, having had enough of gardening on Saturday, we took a car full of garden bags to the tip and headed straight for Brighton.

After a bit of shenanigans we managed to park near by and walk to the Phoenix building were the exhibition was being held.

Rooms full of great printmaking. Many different styles and techniques. Some lovely ideas and mostly very high quality. I was equally interested to see how things were presented and how much was being asked for them!

Needless to say, more established artists had higher prices but by and large they all seemed reasonable - I only wish I had a limitless pot to spend on art, even then it would be difficult to choose!

Nice though it is to see such an active printmaking scene, as an artist I can't help wondering whether it's possible to make living income from printmaking alone. It seems to usually be combined with a graphic design, illustration or education based income.

Commercial considerations aside, I was very impressed by the sheer over all excellence, the strength of vision and energy.

Before leaving I bought a first issue of Pressing Matters magazine - not cheap but well worth £10 for the interesting content, good design and quality of production - a couple of pieces of lino and a traditional bamboo barren, all from the Handprinted table in the entrance.

After a nice vegan meal across the road in The Loving Hut we left suitably impressed and creatively nourished.

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