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Sketch now think later - review

After receiving an email post from Citizen Sketcher Marc Taro Holmes with a book review for 'Sketch Now Think Later' by Mike Yoshiaki Daikubara I was instantly inspired to order a copy which arrived in a couple of days.

The very theme of 'just do it' appealed as my recent sketches have been odd 5 minute scrawls squeezed in on my way to work and I would really like to understand how the 'urban sketcher' tribe manage to seemingly fit so much in, with most of this style of image being ink pen and wash - when I'm struggling to fit in pen only sketches.

The book is very inspiring and Mike reveals the kit and techniques he has developed over years of real everyday experience, and you cannot argue with that! With examples of work explained and the real kit and sketches shown as they really are, not sanitised with shots of 'ideal' shiny equipment and polished finished work.

I find it an encouraging and uplifting book showing how things really can be achieved.

It also shows that I have no excuses! - my kit is a small sketch pad and a pen. It takes no time at all to grab it and start sketching when I can and makes me realise that my stumbling block (probably like so many people) is not so much the method and time so much as having the confidence to sketch in any circumstance. How ever short a time you take to sketch, you still have to physically stop and sketch, and so many times things I might like to sketch are fleeting glances seen whilst on the move in the company of non-artists. But this book opens a window into the world of a real sketcher who has learnt to take those moments and make full use of them...

...and I thank Mike for that!

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